When in 2114 a world almost similar to ours found a new revolutionary material , numerous tensions appeared in every country, and the 3rd World War didn’t wait for long before coming out.
After several years of fights, an event suddenly stopped everything: France had been totally wiped out of the map by a bomb of a new kind. The explosion destroyed the entire country and its inhabitants. The whole world, shocked by the violence of this war, stopped by itself every violent activity. The different heads of the world, afraid by the possibility of another war beginning, established numerous rules, to “secure” the people… a long time of peace was installed.
But, in 2171, 50 years after the complete wipe-out of France, said country became livable. The bomb that wiped it out did not have durable effects, and life was slowly taking over… Lots of countries began to argue for this fertile, lush and empty land. The FAWA (Fights Against Wars Association) decided to hold a deadly game, giving the people on Earth some violence to entertain themselves and cover their boredom caused by the monotonous peace: each country can send 10 challengers to fight to death and give their team ridiculous amounts of money and the territory to their nations!
Leo, mysterious russian participant, wearing a mask and handcuffs, trying to escape from his team, finds another player, apparently who lost his memory… Who is this participant? Who is Leo? What does this “peace” hide? So many questions that will get answered in World War IV…