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We are available in different places, here they are:

Our website:

Yes, it may sound stupid first, but we sincerely invite you to follow us on our website (the one you are currently in right now). That’s right, you will find everything you need in it: last scans for the manga, articles about various subjects, the answers for your questions… Lots of things :relaxed: .


Our YouTube channel:

Second network where you can find us. On it, we will post exclusive videos, but most importantly videos to reinforce the articles or advertise the website, at least for now. The World War 4 YouTube channel is available [here]


Our Twitter:

I won’t lie, before World War 4, we weren’t very present on social networks. But we will do our best to be here to answer your questions or laugh at your jokes. You can follow us and tweet @ us (becoz else whe wil B alon and its not kool).



Discord is great, Discord is good, Discord is life. Anyway, we use and love it. That’s why you can join us here, you can talk to us and our community, be aware when the chapters/videos are released. We are waiting for YOU!