The Staff

Project leaders:

Marin, Swarckle:

Hey, I am Swarckle, scenario maker for World War 4. I also manage everything regarding montage (for videos) and managing. All in all, I take care of the community ! Glad to see you here !

Aymeric, Oyo:

Yo, so I am Oyo, I do all the drawing for the manga, and when Swarckle allows me, I can also have a word about the scenario. I constantly try to get better and I hope to get closer to a Comic Strip drawer worth the look. Oh, and I don’t manage the website, the Twitter ect.. because I don’t have time and the others around me fit perfectly for this job.


Hello, I’m Cosme, pretty much the right arm of Swarckle. In the dark, I help developping the project in its finest details. I also am responsible for the translations branch of the manga, whether it is about the chapters or the website in general. So if you want to contact us, please go through Discord, my tag is: Cosme#4608