To support us…

Support us !

World War 4 is our manga, our project and we take it to the heart. We would really like it to work (with a briefcase and everything) and that’s why we need you! Here is the major way to support us:

Sharing !

The community is extremely important for the project’s developpement, so sharing is the key for World War 4 to progress with you. Indeed, we don’t really have a “showcase” as can be YouTube in the case of a channel. Our manga is only available on our website and the best way that people hear about it is that you go straight to them. That’s why your sharing is highly significant. It may sound big, but in the end it’s just about spreading the word to your friends, your family or even to your pets (if they can read… otherwise you can always show them our YouTube channel). So if you like our project, do it, it will only take a few minutes and will bring us closer to our dream.


Thanks to everyone that’ll take the time to do it!